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Admiralty Standard Navigation Charts.

Admiralty Standard Navigation Charts, ‘BA Charts’ and publications are in use by the majority of ocean-going commercial vessels. They cover the navigable areas of the world and are constantly monitored and kept up to date with the latest information by means of  The  Admiralty Notices to Mariners is issued weekly and numbered by weeks or years. Also Annual Summary NP 247 and a Cumulative list at six monthly intervals NP234A&B.

Charts can be selected by referring to the Admiralty Catalogue NP131.  If you do not have access to a Catalogue please contact us by email or with your planned voyage.

Port Approach Guides:   These charts cove a single Port and contain all the information  a Mariner might need when Planning a Port approach and complement the equivalent Standard Paper  or Electronic Chart

Other Chart products Routeing Charts   For  Passage Planning and Ocean Voyages & include distances between major Ports, monthly   meteorological &  oceanographic   conditions

Instructional Charts For training and examination purposes. They are not maintained  for the latest information and should not be used for navigation Tracks followed by Sailing and Auxiliary Powered Vessels, 5309, 5310 General Surface

Navigational hazards, buoyage systems, Pilotage, Regulations, General notes on   Countries, Port facilities, Seasonal currents, ice and Climatic conditions. All volumes are updated by weekly Admiralty Notices to Mariners (section IV)

Mariners Handbook, NP100

Ocean Passages of the World   –  NP136 – Chart correction Log   NP133A

Umhlanga rocks
FL(3)20s 25m 24M & FR. 10M

Other Chart Products

Routing Charts – Passage planning & ocean voyages, distances between major ports. Monthly meteorological & oceanic conditions.

Instructional Charts For training and examination purposes. They are not maintained for the latest information and should not be used for navigation.

World Time Zones 5006, 5085 Azimuthal equidistant projection, 5307 Main Ocean Routes Powered Vessels, 5308 Sailing Ship Routes

Tracks followed by Sailing and Auxiliary Powered Vessels, 5309, 5310 General Surface Current Distribution, D6083 Load line regulations, Zones

Areas and Seasonal Periods, Q6353 Fisheries Chart British Isles & Adjacent waters, Q6385 Foreign fishing rights British Isles coastal waters.

Astronomical 5000 Azimuth Diagram 0 – 65 Degrees, 5001 Azimuth Diagram 65 to 80 degrees, 5035 Diagram to plot ship’s position from star sights.

Meteorological World Climatic Charts for January and July, Meteorological Working Charts for various Ocean Areas and the British Isles, upper Air Charts.

Magnetic Variation With annual rates of change for the World and the various main Ocean Areas.

Tidal Charts Co-tidal & Co-range charts Dungeness to Hoek van Holland, British Isles and adjacent waters, Southern North Sea and Malacca Strait.

Plotting Sheets  Ocean Plotting sheets 0 to 66 degrees, Mercator Plotting Sheets  0 to 69 degrees in 3-degree intervals.

Bathymetric Charts  North East Atlantic Areas only.

Territorial & Baseline  Bermuda Islands, Falkland Islands, Scotland West Coast, South Georgia, and Turks and Caicos  Islands.

Ships Boats Charts  NP727 -in a waterproof  wallet


Catalogue Admiralty Charts & Publications NP131          

List of Light & Fog Signals  In eleven volumes NP 74(Vol. A) to NP86 (Vol. L).  Also available as a Digital product – see details in Digital Products.

Sailing Directions (Pilots) Numbered from NP1 to NP74.  Updates are provided in the weekly Notices to Mariners.  These titles provide comprehensive information on Navigational hazards, buoyage systems, Pilotage, Regulations, General notes on Countries, Port facilities, Seasonal currents, ice, and Climatic conditions. All volumes are updated by weekly Admiralty Notices to Mariners (section IV)

Tide Tables  NP201 UK & Ireland, NP202 Europe, Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic Ocean, NP203 – Indian Ocean, NP204 – South Pacific Ocean, NP205  South China Sea & Indonesia, NP206 – North Pacific Ocean. 207 – Southwest Atlantic Ocean & Americas

Admiralty Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs used in ECDIS – NP231   Admiralty Guide ECDIS  implementation, Policy, and Procedures -NP232

Tidal Stream Atlases Show in diagrammatic form, the major tidal streams for selected waters of NW Europe. NP209, NP218-NP222NP233,  NP 249-  259, NP263-265,NP337

Co-Tidal Atlases Available for the Persian Gulf and SE Asia. Providing offshore tidal characteristics which are important to safe navigation.  NP214 & NP215

Admiralty Manual of Tides, Admiralty Tidal Handbook NP120Tidal harmonic constants (Europe) NP160. Dover, Times high water & ranges  –  NP164

Lists of Radio Signals In eight volumes NP281(1) – NP286(8)  Maritime Radio Stations, Global Communications, Satellite communication services  Coastguard communications, Maritime telemedical assistance service, Diagrams, Radio quarantine & pollution reports, Anti-Piracy contact, table.

Meteorological Observation Stations , NP284  Meteorological Observation Stations  NP 285 – GMDSS & Safety Systems

NP 286( Vol.1-6)  Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services, and Port Operations.

Astronomical Star Finder & Identifier, Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation.  Astronomical Almanac.  The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors.

How to keep your admiralty  Products  up to date – NP294

Distance Tables Three volumes – Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean NP350(1), NP350(2) & NP350(3)

Symbols & abbreviations on Admiralty charts, – NP5011       

IALA Buoyage –NP735

E – BOOKS  from The Admiralty as  e-NP’s

All of the  Admiralty Sailing Directions are now available  as e-NP’s  Including also – Admiralty Mariners Handbook (NP100)  – Nautical Almanac (NP214)

Compliance – Admiralty e-Nautical Publications contain the same official information as their paper equivalents.

Most Flag States have approved them as SOLAS carriage-compliant

They can aid inspections by clearly showing when a publication was last updated.

To obtain it – contact us by email.  If your vessel is already  a  registered ARCS/AVCS/ADP user name is required

Publications can be supplied to your Distributor account.  You will need to obtain the e-NP user/starter pack first which includes the reader from your Chart Distributor.  For more info – Contact us.

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