Admiralty Chart Supplier Cape Town

Admiralty Standard Navigation Charts.‘BA Charts’ and publications are in use by the majority of ocean-going commercial vessels. They cover the navigable areas of the world and are constantly monitored and kept up to date with the latest information by means of  The  Admiralty Notices to Mariners Issued weekly and numbered by week or year. Also Annual Summary NP 247 and a Cumulative list at six monthly intervals NP234A&B.

Charts can be selected by referring to the Admiralty Catalogue NP131.  If you do not have access to a Catalogue please contact us by email or with your planned voyage.

Port Approach Guides:   These charts cover a single Port and contain all the information  a Mariner might need when Planning a Port approach and complement the equivalent Standard Paper  or Electronic Chart

Other Chart products Routeing Charts  – For  Passage Planning and Ocean Voyages & include distances between major Ports, monthly   meteorological &  oceanographic   conditions

Instructional Charts For training and examination purposes. They are not maintained  for the latest information and should not be used for navigation Tracks followed by Sailing and Auxiliary Powered Vessels, 5309, 5310 General Surface

Navigational hazards, buoyage systems, Pilotage, Regulations, General notes on   Countries, Port facilities, Seasonal currents, ice and Climatic conditions. All volumes are updated by weekly Admiralty Notices to Mariners (section IV)

Mariners Handbook, NP100

Ocean Passages of the World   –  NP136 – Chart correction Log   NP133A


What is the Admiralty and what do they do?